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About the Community Advisory Committee

Go FCIC! AUCD AwardFCIC CAC Receives COCA Award from AUCD!
December 2013

Each year during the Association for University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) Annual Conference , an Awards Gala is held to honor individuals, groups or programs for their exemplary work and service. The FCIC is the proud winner of this year's AUCD Council on Community Advocacy Award! It is given to the UCEDD that has exhibited the strongest commitment to support the full and active participation of self-advocates and family members on its consumer advisory council.

Photo: Dr. Perkins and CAC Chair Damian Gregory with AUCD President Julie Fodor. Photos by Denny Henny Photography for AUCD

CAC members pose together at CARD's Fiesta fundraiser.
Above and below: CAC members meet with FCIC faculty and staff
Consumer involvement and input is a crucial component of any UCEDD program. The UCEDD must involve consumers, in the form of a committee, who represent individuals with disabilities in the State, including those who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Mandated under the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000, the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is one of the primary advising and guiding bodies for the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities. The CAC is to advise FCIC’s directors and provide guidance and feedback in the development of the 5-year plan. Each year, the CAC also provides guidance and feedback on how the UCEDD is doing with their 5-year plan.

The role of the Community Advisory Committee is to strengthen the work of the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities by:

  • Serving in an advisory capacity,
  • Assisting with the dissemination of information and resources,
  • Meeting 4 times a year (1 face to face meeting in Tampa, 1 webinar style meeting and 2 conference calls),
  • Advocating for, and on behalf of, the center and its work, and
  • Advising and informing staff about other relevant organizations, programs, networks or activities that may provide opportunities collaboration.
FCIC CAC in boardroom meeting. CAC members from across the state meet with FCIC faculty and staff during annual face-to-face meeting in Tampa.

CAC Members

The majority of the members of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) shall be individuals with developmental and related disabilities, and family members. The CAC must also include representatives from state agencies and other community groups concerned with the welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.


Arizona Jenkins

Arizona Jenkins
Tampa, FL

Damian Gregory

Damian Gregory
Miami, FL

Rebecca Crosby

Rebecca Crosby
Tampa, FL

Erica Turner

Erica Turner
Panama City, FL

Bryan Vaughan

Bryan Vaughan
Crawfordville, FL

Bryan Vaughan

Krystal Sims
Port St. Lucie, FL

Bryan Vaughan

Mildretta Williams
Daytona Beach, FL

Family Representatives

Reneť Valletutti

Reneť Edwards
Merritt Island, FL

Tanya DiGiacomo

Deborah Jones
Milton, FL

Lynn James

Lynn James
Ft. Myers, FL

Elizabeth Petruzzi

Elizabeth Petruzzi
Vero Beach, FL

Keli Mondello

Keli Mondello
North Redington Beach, FL

DD Network Partners

Selina O’Shannon

Disability Rights Florida

Selina O’Shannon
Senior Advocate

Debra Dowds

Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

Valerie Breen
Executive Director

Rochelle Baer

Mailman Center for Child Development

Rochelle Baer
Associate Training Director


State Agency Representatives

Liesl Ramos

Agency for Persons with Disabilities

Liesl Ramos
Program Administrator

Judy White

Department of Education BEESS

Wendy Metty
Secondary Transition

John Howell

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

John Howell
Area Director

John Howell

Self-Reliance, Inc.

Finn Kavanagh
Executive Director

Membership Application

FCIC is seeking interested self-advocates and family members to serve as members on the Community Advisory Committee.  The Community Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility of advising FCIC staff, helping us achieve the FCIC mission. CAC membership is a 3-year renewable commitment.  A stipend is provided and your travel costs are covered. See the About the CAC tab to learn more about the CAC member role.

Download application

Interesting in becoming a CAC member?

Download flyer announcement.

Fill out the application form and submit via email or fax to:

Brenda Clark
FCIC CAC Liaison
phone 813-974-2581
fax 813-974-6115

Florida Center for Inclusive Communities
University of South Florida
13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MHC 2113A
Tampa, FL 33612

This form can be submitted at any time and will be kept on file for consideration when openings on the CAC become available.

If you have any questions or need assistance with completing your application please call (813) 974-2581 or email Brenda Clark. Forms are available in alternate formats upon request.

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