FCIC Conferences

Explore this site to find out more about the annual professional conferences hosted by programs of the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities. These conferences offer opportunities to hear from the experts, learn new strategies, and interact with colleagues in your area of interest. When available, more information can be obtained by clicking on the conference logo.


20th Annual Statewide CARD Conference, logo
Jan 17–19

Statewide CARD Conference and Pre-Conference Day

The annual CARD conference, hosted by the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, offers keynote presentations and sessions by leaders in the field of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities. It provides an excellent opportunity for education and information sharing. It is also a celebration of years of service and support to individuals with autism and related disabilities, their families, and professionals.

20th Annual Statewide CARD Conference, logo
Coming 2022!

FCIC Employment Virtual Conference: Talent Actualized!

FCIC's Employment Virtual Conference is an online interactive training opportunity for rehabilitation and employment professionals, educators, employers, policymakers, youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, family members, and anyone interested in promoting successful employment for individuals with I/DD. The conference is held online over the course of one day and offers sessions tailored to meet the needs and interests of a diverse audience.

HIPPY Florida, logo
2020 Date Coming Soon

Florida HIPPY Leadership Training and Development Conference

The Florida HIPPY Leadership Training & Development conference provides opportunities to enhance personal and professional development for the Florida HIPPY staff, coordinators, and home visitors. The trainings will improve the educational and job skills for HIPPY coordinators and home visitors. In addition, the interaction between home visitors in formal and informal settings will provide HIPPY staff with a supportive environment in which to share and learn from each other’s experiences. Visit the Florida HIPPY website.

Note: The Florida HIPPY State Conference is held every two years, alternating with the National HIPPY Conference.

National Training Institute logo
Apr 21–24

National Training Institute on Effective Practices: Addressing Challenging Behavior

This annual conference provides an exceptional opportunity for teachers, early intervention specialists, trainers, child care providers, head start and early head start professionals, administrators, parents and behavior specialists to receive practical information to help with challenging behavior in their work with young children. The institute is built around the Pyramid Model framework for addressing the social and emotional development and challenging behavior of young children. In addition, the institute’s format is designed to provide cutting-edge information on challenging behavior in an in-depth, intensive learning experience. Participants have many opportunities to practice new strategies, interact with experts, and engage in lively discussions with colleagues.

Promising Pathways logo
April 9, 2022

Promising Pathways

Promising Pathways: the road to best practice in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an annual conference provided free to the public and coordinated by a volunteer planning committee. The committee is committed to educating all families, educators, healthcare workers, and community members interested in serving individuals with ASD. We believe that quality information can be provided with little or no cost to attendees. We commend community collaboration with the success of Promising Pathways which was developed for the Southwest region of FL and is held at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft Myers. Attendees gather from the local region, throughout greater Florida, and beyond. Visit the Promising Pathways website and their Facebook page for the latest updates.


PEPSA Autism Summer Institute, logo
2020 Date Coming Soon

PEPSA Autism Summer Institute

The PEPSA Autism Summer Institute is an annual summer workshop aimed at providing high quality professional development to a wide spectrum of professionals such as ESE and general education teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists, SLPs, OTs, instructional assistants, administrators, and parents who impact the lives of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Each year, national experts and prominent regional professionals offer informative and stimulating presentations on a variety of topics of interest to individuals who desire additional information on research, innovation, and effective educational programs for students with ASD.