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2011/12/14 Meeting with Lawmakers: How to Impact Florida's Legislative Process Sylvia Smith,
Margaret Hooper,
Daniel Armstrong, &
Elizabeth Perkins
65 min

This webinar will: 1) Raise your awareness of the policy work of Developmental Disabilities Network agencies. 2) Increase your understanding of ways to become an effective and productive advocate or self-advocate. 3) Provide invaluable tips about meeting and influencing legislators. 4) Describe the legislative process and your role as an advocate. Closed captioning is provided.

Related Materials: Powerpoint

A DD Act Agency Collaborative Event (Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Disability Rights Florida, Mailman Center for Child Development, and Florida Center for Inclusive Communitites)

2011/12/16 "Fighting for Our Lives!" Webinar Tricia Riccardi,
Charm Thometz,
Susan Creek,
Mark Owens
49 min Webinar highlights include: 1) What is happening with Medicaid Waiver services today. 2) What you can do to stop your services from being cut. 3) How we can join together to take action.  
2011/08/10 Affordable, Accessible, & Integrated Housing Options for People with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (2-Part Series) Jay Klein &
Joe Wykowski

For most of us, home is the place where we take refuge from the world, the space where we freely express ourselves, and where we decide who to invite in. Too often, people with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) are not included in even the most basic decisions about where and with whom they live. However, there are programs that are making strides in increasing the number of people with IDD who live in affordable, accessible, and integrated housing that they control. This webinar includes best and promising practices drawn from real examples, studies, and lessons learned from experts working on housing issues and policy at the national, state and local levels. Jay Klein, Associate Clinical Professor in the Social Work School in the College for Public Programs at Arizona State University and Joe Wykowski, Executive Director of Community Vision in Portland Oregon share their valuable knowledge, insight, and guidance and address how to overcome the challenging barriers that impede individuals with IDD from achieving the goals of self-direction and community integration.


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