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8/1/20 - USF is currently in Phase 1 - Face coverings are required on all campuses. Phase 1 allows for up to 25% of staff returning to the campuses, based on space configuration. It allows additional critical functions to be performed while continuing to enforce strict protective measures to limit exposure of returning employees and reduce potential for community transmission.

All course instruction continues remotely and all individuals who can work remotely should continue to do so. Follow all the breaking news and updates at


  • Bob Lutz (813.943.8233) - Project Development/Management, Webmaster, Videography, Photography, Multimedia, Editing, Web Programming, Accessibility, Best Practices, .
  • Andrea Carroz (813.506.2121) - FCIC Primary Graphic Designer: logo, poster, banner, flyer and postcard creations, marketing collateral and website content editing.
  • Dawn Khalil (813.446.8021) -FCIC Secondary Graphic Designer: logo, poster, banner, flyer and postcard creations, marketing collateral and website content editing.
  • Sam Hendry (813.666.9370) -FCIC Primary Technical Support Contact, Remote Support, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting, Hardware and Software Purchasing, Videography, Photography, Loaner Equipment Support.
  • Victor Trinidad (813.335.2855) -FCIC/NCPMI Webinars (Zoom, GoToMeeting/Webinars), Online course narrations, Videography, Multimedia, Editing, Website Content Editing, Computer Setups/Technical Assistance.

FCIC IT contact/support is available 24/7 via details listed in our staff section. Main Campus IT Support is available if FCIC Staff are unavailable. They can be contacted via phone at 813-974-HELP, or email at


Working Remotely

USF is still currently in Phase 1. Please note that only people with permission can access the building during this phase. If you desire permission, there is a formal process for requesting it through a portal and a centralized plan. Permission will be limited. Contact your supervisor to make the request for MHC access.

While working from home you may find yourself with the need to restart your office computer due power outages or computer/remote login issues. The following staff will be available on campus to grant building access or to restart office computers.

Office Hours: 7am to 4pm M-F
Office: 813-974-4593
Cell: 813-230-9839

In some cases, you may find the need to access your physical computer on campus. Some scenarios include:

  • Your work computer has a program/application that your home computer does not have.
  • You saved a file on your work computer hard drive (C:/).
  • You need to connect to servers or databases on main campus.

Instructions for connecting to your computer remotely:

  • Open your browser and navigate to
  • Login using your USF Net ID and password.
  • Enter your computer’s name in ‘Machine Name or IP Address’. Your computer name is normally written on top of the unit. If not, see instructions below to determine your computer name.
connection box
  • Check ‘Use all my Monitors’ if you have more than one.
  • Click Find Computer. RDG will go through a series of checks and display the results to you, making sure the computer is found, is awake and that your connection is solid.
  • Click Connect. RDG will download a 'USFRemoteAccess.rdp' file.
  • Double-click on the file to run it.
  • You will then be prompted by your home computer to log in with your USF Net ID credentials. You may need to add 'forest\' in front of your NetID username if it does not work the first time.

Instructions for determining your computer name:

The following steps are done on your office computer. (Instructions based on Windows 10 operating system)

windows search
  • Navigate to the small magnifying glass in the lower left-hand corner of your browser task bar.
  • When the search bar comes up type cmd. Hit Enter.
  • You will then see the following prompt C:\Users\LastName>
command prompt
  • Type the following after the prompt: C:\Users\LastName>ipconfig/all and hit ENTER.
  • Look at the line ‘Host Name.’ The name of this computer is C063321

USF business systems can be accessed at (USF NetID login required)

  • Select the Business Systems button on the navigation bar.
  • For GEMS, you will be prompted for dual-factor authentication.

All FCIC staff should be storing their work files on Box, rather than on the C:/ drive of their office computers. There are two ways to connect to Box from your off-campus computer. Both require logging in with you USF NetID and password.

  1. Download Box Sync to your computer.

8/1/20 - Due to the current situation there are no longer any viable laptops available for checkout. Items still available are:

  • Headsets
  • LCD Projectors
  • Webcams

To request equipment checkout, please contact Bob Lutz , cell 813-943-8233 who can make arrangements to have IT meet you on campus and provide needed equipment


Online Meetings and Webinars

Do I need a meeting or a webinar?

  • Meetings are designed to be a collaborative event with all participants being able to screen share, turn on their video and audio, and see who else is in attendance.
  • Webinars are designed so that the host and any designated panelists/presenters can share their video, audio and screen. Webinars allow view-only attendees. They have the ability to interact via Q&A, chat, and answering polling questions. The host can also unmute the attendees.

Zoom Meetings: Designated users for each program/project

See below for the designated users from each program that hold a Zoom meeting license. Please contact the designee for your program/project to set up Zoom meetings for your group.
If your program is not on this list and you need to conduct a Zoom meeting, please contact Bob Lutz

  • PBS-Therese Sandomierski
  • CARD-Mindy Stevens
  • ICEI-Rose Iovannone
  • PEPSA-Katy Tapley
  • HIPPY-Tracy Payne
  • PWPBS-Chris Vatland
  • PBIS V Nat-Heather George
  • NCPMI-Sarah Payton
  • FCIC-Bob Lutz

Zoom Webinars

  • Webinars (Large Room) is scheduled through an online calendar. To schedule a Zoom Webinar, please make your request via the FCIC IT request form ( For general webinar questions, contact Victor Trinidad (

Learning more about Zoom

Microsoft Teams can be used for any communicating with your project teams on a day-to-day basis or for video conferencing. Teams is beneficial for meetings, class sessions, and remote communications. Teams combines persistent chat rooms, video/voice, file sharing, meetings, and many other features into one application.
For assistance setting up Microsoft Teams on your home computer, contact Sam Hendry (

Who can use teams?

Downloading Teams on your home computer

Access Microsoft Teams online

Learn more about Teams

  • CFS currently holds 1 user license for the ‘Goto’ products which Victor Trinidad is currently assigned.
  • To schedule a ‘Goto’ Meeting, Webinar, or Training please make your request via the FCIC IT request form ( For general questions, contact Victor Trinidad (

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